Purple Finch

Winter Finch Forecast

The Finch Research Network has released their predictions regarding which species of birds are likely to fly south this winter.

Based on seed production and current bird movements the Finch Research Network has predicted the following species will move south this winter:

Purple Finches are currently moving south out of Canada, and this is expected to continue. It appears that Spruce Budworm outbreaks are becoming widespread in the eastern boreal forest, providing an abundant food source during breeding season.

The possibility of Redpolls moving south are a mystery as Covid-19 travel restrictions have resulted in limited information regarding Swamp Birch seed production. However, if the Swamp Birch seed production turns out to be poor, it will likely cause an irruption as both the White and Yellow Birch crop is poor to fair throughout most of the boreal and southern Canadian forests.

Pine Siskins are have already been reported to be on the move in eastern Canada as a result of poor Spruce seed production.

Red-breasted Nuthatches have been on the move south since August and there has been several reports of them at feeders throughout Tennessee for a couple of weeks. At feeders, this species prefers black oil seeds, suet, and peanuts.

The other Finches and other northern seed dependent species are not expected to move south, and even if they are not expected to move too much further south then the Great Lakes area. But keep your eyes open as you never know what you may find.

To read the full Winter Finch Forecast, please follow this link to the Finch Research Network webpage.

The image of the Purple Finch on this page was taken by Simon Pierre Barrette. It is used pursuant to a Creative Commons ShareALike license.