Brown Booby - Nickajack Dam, Marion County, TN

Rare Bird Alert – Brown Booby moved from Nickajack Dam to the Chickamuga Dam

UPDATE ON BIRD LOCATION: The Brown Booby has relocated from the Nickajack to the Chickamuga Dam, in Hamilton County. The bird has been perching on the barge tie-up pillars just below the railroad bridge, on the down river side of the Dam.

A locally rare Brown Booby is currently being seen at Nickajack Dam, in Marion County, Tennessee.

Specifically, the bird can be seen from either side of the river, roosting on either the metal railing or one of the light lamps on the cement wall in the middle of the river. Click here for Google Map with dropped pin.

The Brown Booby was first observed by Bruce Dralle in the afternoon on Friday, August 21, 2020. mourning. The last report posted to the Tennessee Rare Bird Alert Facebook group lists the bird as still being present. The bird’s presence was posted to the Chattanooga Rare Bird Alert Telegram Group.

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