What do you do if you find a baby bird out of the nest?

What To Do If You Find A Baby Bird On The Ground?

What To Do If You Find A Baby Bird On The Ground?

As spring migration concludes, mated birds will start building nests, hatching eggs, and raising their young. It’s only a matter of time before people start seeing birds on the ground. But what should you do?

Experienced birders know that hatchlings and nestlings may will need assistance, but what about fledglings? And, how does one tell the difference between the different stages, and when and what specific assistance may be needed?

The good people over at Birds and Moon – Science and Nature Cartoons have created the above flow chart to provide help advise which course of action to take, if you find a baby bird on the ground.

Bird and Moon’s site has a number of other great nature cartoons that provide outdoor advise. Most of their cartoons also containing an element of humor, which makes clicking through all their cartoons enjoyable.

Go to their website and click through their cartoons. You will not be disappointed.

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