This status report was updated by Kevin Calhoon in November 30, 2013 using data from the report created by V. Jowayne Stone and Daniel R. Jacobson in October 1983 with revisions in 1985 and a list Birds of Hamilton County, Tennessee created by Rock L. Comstock, Jr. in March 1962.  Also the Checklist of Birds of the Chattanooga Area  by Kenneth H. and Lillian H. Dubke, October 1977 was used as well as records gleaned from the Chattanooga TOS and local birders.  Most records have been published either in The Migrant or American Field Notes, but a few unpublished records have been included also.
The Chattanooga area is defined as Hamilton, Marion, Sequatchie, Bledsoe, Meigs and Bradely counties in Tennessee and Catoosa, Walker and Dade counties in Georgia.
The seasons of the year are defined as follows:
Spring (Sp)        March, April, and May
Summer (Su)     June and July
Fall (F)               August, September, October, and November
Winter (W)        December, January, and February
Abundance is defined as follows:
c    common:  a species certain to be observed in suitable habitat
fc   fairly common:  a regulary occuring species not certain to be seen in all suitable habitat.
u    uncommon:   a species observed regularly in limited numbers
o    occasional:     observed one to five times during a season
r    rare:    observed only once or twice every few years 
x    accidental:  observed fewer than five times 
#    only one known record 
Nesting status is defined as: 
(*)   presently known to nest 
(*r)  rare nester 
(*f)   formely known to nest 
(*?)   thought to nest in area 
(*#)   only one known nesting record 
These locations are historic centers of concentration or just good habitat to see specific species.  They should be used as a general guide to begin a search, but are not usually the only location where a species can be found 
AMM    Amnicola Marsh – Hamilton co. 
BAY      Baylor School – Hamilton co. 
BRA      Brainerd Levee – Hamilton co. 
BRO       Bradley County
BTW     Booker T Washington State Park – Hamilton co. 
BLE       Bledsoe co. 
CHA      Chattanooga, Hamilton co. 
CHL      Chickamauga Lake – Hamilton co. 
CHF      Chester Frost State Park – Hamilton co. 
CRA      Craven’s House Unit of the Lookout Mountain National Military Park – Hamilton co. 
HLC      Hamilton co. 
HRA      Hiwassee Wildlife Refuges (including the Blythe Ferry unit) – Meigs co. 
MAR      Marion co. 
NIL        Nickajack Reservoir – Hamilton, Marion co. 
RAM     Raccoon Mountain – Marion co. 
RIV       Riverport area, Riverport Dr. – Hamilton co. 
SEQ       Sequatchie Couinty
SAV       Savannah Bay – Hamilton co. 
SIG        Signal Mountain – Hamilton co. 
SGM       Standifer Gap Marsh, Hamilton co.
SMG        Soddy Mountain Hawkwatch
TNR      Tennessee River – Hamilton co. 
TNR Gorge – Mullen’s Cove Rd., Marion co. 
TWC     Tennessee Wildlife Center – Hamilton co. 
WCG     Walker co, GA
This report follows the order and uses the common names of The AOU Checklist of North American Birds, Seventh Edition (1998).  It includes 327 species and still 127 nesting in the Chattanooga area. 
I would like to thank:  Benton Basham, Carl Chadwell, Dennis Harris, Ken Dubke, John Henderson, and Daniel Jacobson for their help with this report. 
                                                                                                                              Kevin Calhoon
Species Status Location
Sp Su F W
Red-throated Loon x x BTW
Common Loon fc x fc fc BTW, NIL
Yellow-billed Loon # BTW 
Pied-billed Grebe (*f,*?) c o c c Rivers, ponds, lakes
Horned Grebe u fc fc BTW, NIL
Red-necked Grebe x X BTW, NIL
Clark's Grebe (First TN record) # NIL
Western Grebe x BTW,NIL
Storm-petrel species (Band-rumped?) # HLC
American White Pelican x r r CHL,BTW
Brown Pelican # # CHL
Double-crested Cormorant u r u u TNR,HRA
Anhinga # # AMM,SIG
American Bittern o o r BRA,AMM, SGM
Least Bittern (*) o r o BRA, Sugar Creek WMA, SGM
Great Blue Heron c c c c Rivers, ponds, lakes
Great Egret u fc fc o Rivers, ponds, lakes
Snowy Egret r o o Rivers, ponds, lakes
Little Blue Heron o fc fc Rivers, ponds, lakes
Tricolored Heron # BRA
Cattle Egret (*f) u u u Rivers, ponds, lakes
Green Heron (*) c c c r Rivers, ponds, lakes
Black-crowned Night Heron r r r x BRA,AMM
Yellow-crowned Night Heron (*) u u u Rivers, ponds, lakes
White Ibis r r r BRA
Glossy Ibis r r BRA
Roseate Spoonbill # Thomas Farm, HLC
White-faced Ibis # # HLC.BRA
Black Vulture (*) fc fc fc fc Throughout
Turkey Vulture (*) c c c c Throughout
Fulvous Whistling Duck # AMM 
Greater White-fronted Goose r r r HRA,BRA
Snow Goose r o o HRA, BRA
Ross's Goose o o HRA, TWC
Canada Goose (*) c c c c Rivers, ponds, lakes
Cackling Goose # CHF
Brant r r HRA
Mute Swan r r Rivers, ponds, lakes
Tundra Swan o o o HRA
Wood Duck (*) fc fc fc u Rivers, ponds, lakes
Gadwall fc fc c Rivers, ponds, lakes
Eurasian Wigeon x x SAV,HRA,HCL
American Wigeon fc fc c Rivers, ponds, lakes
American Black Duck u u fc HRA
Mallard (*) c u c c Rivers, ponds, lakes
Blue-winged Teal c c r BRA, HRA
Cinnamon Teal X BRA, HRA
Northern Shoveler u u u BRA, HRA
Northern Pintail u fc fc BRA, HRA
Green-winged Teal u u fc Rivers, ponds, lakes
Canvasback u u u HRA, NIL
Redhead u u u HRA,NIL
Ring-necked Duck fc c fc HRA,NIL
Greater Scaup u u u BTW.NIL
Lesser Scaup fc fc u BTW, NIL
Surf Scoter r r r CHL,HRA
White-winged Scoter r r r NIL, CHL
Black Scoter x x BTW,CHL
Long-tailed Duck r r BTW,CHL
Bufflehead fc fc fc Rivers, ponds, lakes
Common Goldeneye u u u BTW,NIL
Hooded Merganser (*r) fc r fc fc Rivers, ponds, lakes
Common Merganser r r r BTW,HRA
Red-breasted Merganser u u u CHL,NIL
Ruddy Duck fc fc fc NIL, HRA
Osprey (*) u u u r HRA,CHL
American Swallow-tailed Kite r # BLE,SEQ,Rhea co.
Mississippi Kite r r Bradely co.HLC
Bald Eagle (*) u o u fc HRA, TNR, RAC
Northern Harrier u u u Open fields
Sharp-shinned Hawk (*r) u o u u Throughout
Cooper's Hawk (*) u u u u Throughout
Northern Goshawk r r SMH,HLC
Red-shouldered Hawk (*) fc fc fc fc Throughout
Broad-winged Hawk (*) u u fc # Throughout
Swainson's Hawk # SMH 
Red-tailed Hawk (*) fc  fc c c Throughout
Rough-legged Hawk o BLE
Golden Eagle ** r r BLE,HRA,MAR
American Kestral (*) fc u fc c Throughout
Merlin o o o SMH,HLC
Prairie Falcon (First GA record) # Walker co., GA
Peregrine Falcon (*) u u u r CHL,HLC, SMH
Ring-necked Pheasant   extirpated                                                    HRA
Ruffed Grouse (*) r r r r Wooded ridges
Wild Turkey (*) u u u u PRC, Audubon Acres
Northern Bobwhite (*) fc fc fc fc PRC,BRA
Yellow Rail # # HLC
Black Rail # SGM
King Rail(*f) r r r Sugar Creek, AMM
Virginia Rail (*#) r r r # BRA,AMM,SGM
Sora fc x fc BRA,AMM, SGM
Purple Gallinule x x x BRA
Common Moorhen r r BRA
American Coot   (*r) c o c a Rivers, ponds, lakes
Sandhill Crane u u fc HRA
Hooded Crane # HRA
Black-bellied Plover r r BRA
American Golden Plover o o BRA
Semipalmated Plover u u BRA
Piping Plover x ?
Killdeer (*) c c c a Throughout
American Avocet r r BRA,SAB
Greater Yellowlegs u u u BRA
Lesser Yellowlegs u u u BRA
Solitary Sandpiper fc u fc BRA, water
Willet r r BRA
Spotted Sandpiper (*#) fc o fc BRA, Rivers, Ponds, Lakes
Upland Sandpiper r r RIV 
Hudsonian Godwit x x SAB
Marbled Godwit # # TNR
Ruddy Turnstone r ?
Sanderling r BRA
Semipalmated Sandpiper u u u BRA
Western Sandpiper u u u BRA
Least Sandpiper fc fc fc BRA
White-rumped Sandpiper o r o BRA
Baird's Sandpiper o o BRA
Pectoral Sandpiper fc fc fc BRA
Purple Sandpiper (unpublished) # HRA
Dunlin o o u HRA
Stilt Sandpiper o o o BRA
Buff-breasted Sandpiper r ?
Ruff  (First TN Record) # SEQ
Short-billed Dowitcher o o o x BRA, HRA
Long-billed Dowitcher r r BRA
Common Snipe fc r fc fc BRA, Throughout
American Woodcock (*) fc u u fc Throughout
Wilson's Phalarope r o BRA
Red-necked Phalarope x TNR,SAV
Red Phalarope (Only winter record for TN) x BRA,SAB
Pomarine Jaeger  (Third TN Record) # NIL
Laughing Gull r r r r TNR,CHL,NIL
Franklin's Gull x NIL,CHL
Sabine's Gull (unpublished) # CHL
Bonaparte's Gull u u u TNR 
Little Gull x TNR
Ring-billed Gull c r c c TNR
Herring Gull fc fc fc TNR
Iceland Gull # CHL
Lesser Black-backed Gull x NIL.CHL
Glaucous Gull x CHL
Great Black-backed Gull x TNR
Black-legged Kittiwake # CHL, NIL
Caspian Tern o r o NIL,CHL
Common Tern r r NIL,CHL
Forster's Tern o u x NIL,CHL
Least Tern # r BRA, CHL
Bridled Tern (Second record for TN) # TNR
Black Tern o o BRA, CHL
Sooty Tern r NIL,TNR
Black Skimmer  x NIL, TNR
Rock Dove (*) c c c c Throughout
Eurasion-collared Dove (*) u u u u CHA,BLE,MAR
Mourning Dove (*) c c a c Throughout
Common Ground Dove # HLC
Black-billed Cuckoo (*#) o r o Woods
Yellow-billed Cuckoo (*) fc fc fc Throughout
Barn Owl (*) o o o o SEQ
Eastern Screech Owl (*) c c c c Throughout
Great Horned Owl (*) fc fc fc fc Throughout
Barred Owl (*) u u u u Throughout
Long-eared Owl r r NIL,SEQ
Short-eared Owl r r NIL
Northern Saw-whet Owl r HRA,NIL
Common Nighthawk (*) c c c x Throughout
Chuck-wills-widow (*) fc fc fc Throughout
Whip-poor-will (*) u u u Throughout
Chimney Swift (*) c c c X Throughout
Ruby-throated Hummingbird (*) fc fc c X Throughout
Black-chinned Hummingbird (First TN Record) X HLC
Braod-billed Hummingbird (Second TN Record) # HLC
Calliope Hummingbird (Third TN Record) # HLC
Rufous Hummingbird X r r HLC
Allen's Hummingbird (First TN Record) # HLC
Belted Kingfisher (*) c c c c Rivers, Ponds, Lakes
Red-headed Woodpecker (*) u u fc u CHF
Red-bellied Woodpecker (*) c c c c Throughout
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker fc fc fc Throughout
Downy Woodpecker (*) c c c c Throughout
Hairy woodpecker (*) u u u u Woods, CRA
Red-cockaded Woodpecker (*f) extirpated Bradely co.
Northern Flicker (*) c c c c Throughout
Pileated Woodpecker (*) fc fc fc fc Throughout
Olive-sided Flycatcher o o CRA,RAM
Eastern Wood-Peewee (*) c c c Woods
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher r r CRA
Acadian Flycatcher (*) fc fc u BPW,TNR Gorge
Alder Flycatcher # #
Willow Flycatcher (*f) o o BRA, HRA, SGM
Least Flycatcher o # o MAR
Eastern Phoebe (*) c c c u Throughout
Great Crested Flycatcher (*) fc fc u # Throughout
Western Kingbird # BAY
Eastern Kingbird (*) c c c Fields
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (*X) o o o Bradely co., BLE, MAR
White-eyed Vireo (*) fc fc fc Throughout
Blue-headed Vireo (*?) u r o Woods
Yellow-throated Vireo (*) u u u Woods
Warbling Vireo r HLC
Philadelphia Vireo o o CRA, RAM
Red-eyed Vireo (*) c c c Throughout
Blue Jay (*) c c a c Throughout
Horned Lark (*) u u u fc BLE,MAR,HLC,SEQ
Purple Martin (*) fc fc u Throughout
Tree Swallow (*r) u X u BRA, TNR
Northern Rough-winged Swallow (*) fc fc u Rivers, Ponds, Lakes
Bank Swallow u o u Rivers, Ponds, Lakes
Cliff Swallow (*) fc fc u Bridges over water
Barn Swallow (*) c c fc r Throughout
American Crow (*) c c c a Throughout
Fish Crow    r r HLC
Common Raven (*f) no recent records CHF
Carolina Chickadee (*) c c c c Throughout
Tufted Titmouse (*) c c c c Throughout
Red-breasted Nuthatch u u u Irruptive species
White-breasted Nuthatch (*) c c c c Woods
Brown-headed Nuthatch (*) u u u u BTW, CHF
Brown Creeper u u u Woods
Rock Wren (First TN Record) # Point Park
Carolina Wren (*) c c c c Throughout
Bewick's Wren (*f) no recent records Sequatchie Valley
House Wren (*) u o u r Throughout
Winter Wren u u u Throughout
Sedge Wren o o r BRA, HRA, AMM
Marsh Wren o o r BRA, HRA, AMM
Golden-crowned Kinglet fc fc fc Throughout
Ruby-crowned Kinglet fc fc fc Throughout
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (*) c c c r Throughout
Eastern Bluebird (*) c c c c Throughout
Veery u u CRA,RAM
Gray-cheeked Thrush u u CRA,RAM
Swainson's Thrush fc fc CRA,RAM
Hermit Thrush u u fc Throughout
Wood Thrush (*) fc fc fc Woods
American Robin (*) c c c c Throughout
Varied Thrush (First GA Record) X SIG,HLC,Dade co,GA
Gray Catbird  (*) fc u fc r Throughout
Northern Mockingbird (*) c c c c Throughout
Brown Thrasher (*) fc fc fc u Throughout
American Pipit u u fc Fields
Cedar Waxwing (*r) c r c c Throughout
Loggerhead Shrike (*) u u u u Fields
European Starling (*) a a a a Throughout
Blue-winged Warbler (*r) u o u CRA, RAM
Golden-winged Warbler (*) o o o CRA,RAM, BAY
Tennessee Warbler fc c CRA,RAM
Orange-crowned Warbler o o r CRA,AMM
Nashville Warbler u u CRA,RAM
Northern Parula (*) fc u u TNR Gorge
Yellow Warbler (*) fc u o TNR Gorge
Chestnut-sided Warbler (*?) fc r fc CRA,RAM
Magnolia Warbler   u c CRA,RAM
Cape May Warbler u o CRA,RAM
Black-throated Green Warbler (*)fc u fc BPW, TNR Gorge
Blackburnian Warbler u u CRA,RAM
Yellow-throated Warbler (*) fc fc u # TNR Gorge
Pine Warbler (*) fc fc fc u Pine Woods
Prairie Warbler (*) fc fc u Clearings and edges
Palm Warbler fc fc o BRA,RIV
Bay-breasted Warbler u fc CRA,RAM
Blackpoll Warbler fc o CRA,RAM
Cerulean Warbler (*) u o u CRA,TNR gorge
Black-and-White Warbler (*) fc fc fc CRA,TNR gorge
American Redstart (*) fc u c TNR gorge, CRA
Prothonotary Warbler (*) u u u TWC,TNR Gorge
Worm-eating Warbler (*) u u u CRA,RAM, PCW
Swainson's Warbler (*?) o r o CRA,BTW,BAY
Ovenbird (*) fc u fc CRA,RAM
Northern Waterthrush u u BRA,AMM
Louisiana Waterthrush (*) fc u o TNR Gorge
Kentucky Warbler (*) fc fc fc CRA
Connecticut Warbler r X r CRA,BAY
Mourning Warbler r r CRA,BAY
Common Yellowthroat (*) c c c r BRA,AMM, HRA
Hooded Warbler (*) fc fc fc CRA,RAM
Wilson's Warbler o o CRA,BAY
Canada Warbler u u CRA,RAM
Yellow-breasted Chat (*) fc fc u # Clearings and edges
Summer Tanager (*) fc fc fc TNR Gorge, RAM,CRA
Scarlet Tanager (*) fc fc fc TNR Gorge, RAM,CRA
Northern Cardinal (*) c c c c Throughout
Rose-breasted Grosbeak fc fc # CRA,RAM
Black-headed Grosbeak X BAY, MAR
Blue Grosbeak (*) u u u RAM,BRA
Indigo Bunting (*) c c c # Clearings and edges
Painted Bunting # HLC
Dickcissel (*) u u u BLE,BRA
Eastern Towhee (*) c c c c Throughout
Bachman's Sparrow (*f) r r Formerly Chick. NMP
American Tree Sparrow r r AMM,HRA
Chipping Sparrow (*) fc fc fc fc Throughout
Clay-colored Sparrow x SGM
Field Sparrow (*) fc fc fc fc Fields
Vesper Sparrow u u u RIV,BRA
Lark Sparrow r r HLC
Savannah Sparrow fc fc fc RIV,BRA
Grasshopper Sparrow (*) u u o r Fields
Henslow's Sparrow  X X BRA,AMM
LeConte's Sparrow X MAR, RIV, HLC
Fox Sparrow u u u Woods
Song Sparrow (*) c c c c Throughout
Lincoln's Sparrow o o r BRA,AMM
Swamp Sparrow fc fc fc Wet brush and fields
White-throated Sparrow c c c Throughout
White-crowned Sparrow u u u HRA,SEQ,BLE
Dark-eyed Junco fc fc fc Throughout
Lapland Longspur X MAR
McCown's Longspur #
Snow Bunting (unpublished) # RIV
Bobolink u o BRA,RIV
Red-winged Blackbird (*) c c c c Throughout
Yellow-headed Blackbird # # SGM,MAR
Eastern Meadowlark (*) c c c c Fields
Rusty Blackbird u u u AMM,BRA
Brewer's Blackbird X BRA,AMM
Common Grackle (*) c c c c Throughout
Brown-headed Cowbird (*) c c c c Throughout
Orchard Oriole (*) fc fc u BRA
Baltimore Oriole (*r) u r u TNR Gorge, CRA
Purple Finch u u u Irruptive species
House Finch (*) fc fc fc fc Throughout
Common Redpoll # HLC
Red Crossbill r r Irruptive species
White-winged Crossbill X X SIG 
Pine Siskin u u u Irruptive species
American Goldfinch (*) c c c c Throughout
Evening Grosbeak o o u Irruptive species
House Sparrow (*) c c c c Urban areas
**  Golden Eagles seen in the HRA area are probably from the hacking program in the late 1990's.