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Need Feather Identification Help?

When you find a bird feather that you can’t identify, what do you do? There are three online resources that can assist in identifying unknown…

The Chattanooga Chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society: Promoting the enjoyment, scientific study, and conservation of wild birds. We are your local birding club. Come join us! We host field trips, wild bird surveys, bird related presentations at our chapter meetings. Our club engages in and believe others should participate in wild bird conservation efforts. Chattanooga birding bird watching. We share similar missions with the American Birding Association, the National Audubon Society, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The eBird mobile app is available for Android or iPhone, to report bird observations. Accurate bird identification can be achieved with the free Merlin Bird ID app for mobile devices. We are an environmental friendly organization. We ask everyone to protect our natural places and practice Leave No Trace. Finally, explore Tennessee State Park, Tennessee State Forests, and Tennessee State Wildlife Management Areas.